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The tree stands tall, firmly rooted but spreading into the sky.

Swaying to the rhythm of the wind, while the leaves sing in chorus

The tree never shooed any one, it supports life

Neither proud of its beauty in full bloom nor fears a storm

Gives without prejudice and expects nothing!




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The moon shone brightly, she waited under the leafless tree. She looked around her, everything around her was moon lit. The war ravaged village looked eerie in the moon light. But then there was still something beautiful. She was for a minute engrossed in the beauty. He whispered her name, she was jolted back. He smiled, gave her sweets, her favourite & the papers. She thanked him for the sweets & drove to the base camp with the papers. The liaison looked at the moon, smiled & hoped there would be peace at least now!

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It was a quiet night, the bus was climbing up the winding ghat road, the moon shone on the mountains. The passengers were all sleeping, she was sleeping on his shoulder, he quietly held her hands, she stirred, but went back to sleep again. He looked at her sleeping face & tried to kiss her, she woke up, he pretended to be sleeping. Then she went back to sleep, only this time, she was awake & wanted to know what he was up to. He slowly inched his face closer to hers, she became aware & whispered in his ears “ are you trying to kiss me?” He nodded said “yes”. His lips touched hers & he began to kiss, the bus braked suddenly & the kiss was broken!

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A short story I wrote for Chumma draw!

The horizon turned crimson, her head was resting on his shoulder, she snuggled closer as the evening sea breeze touched her.

He sighed & said “ I wish time froze now & we could be here like this forever”.

Her eyes were still closed, she smiled & said “ Hmmm… But I will have to leave in some time”

“Why? What is the hurry?”

“Sigh! My husband is coming home for dinner, so I have to go home & cook for him” She kissed him & walked away.

He sat there feeling her warmth on his shoulder & staring at the sunset!

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Sing o chime
for the wind to carry your song
through the ear to the heart!


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